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Infection control within the dental surgery is the subject of continued discussion, debate and development worldwide. The result is ever changing recommendations and guidelines to minimise the risk of cross infection and cross contamination.


It is the responsibility of everyone within the dental surgery to ensure that appropriate decontamination and disinfection protocols are in place, to protect patients, staff and their families from the risk of infection. Adherence to these protocols is the key to a safe working environment.


Unident sees its responsibility as continually evolving to meet these changes in recommendations and guidelines. With many different products available, we understand it is difficult to know which product to use, at which dilution, with sometimes confusing or misleading information. Our aim is to provide products which meet and exceed the needs of today’s infection control protocols and our website is designed to provide comprehensive, factual information, on all Unident products.


Your safety is our priority!

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Featured Products


Micro 10 Excel
New generation disinfection and cleaning concentrated solution for the treatment of dental instruments and burs.
Dermocol Silk
A ready to use, hydro alcoholic thixotropic gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
Unisepta Foam 2 Wipes
Ready-to-use wipes, for the rapid disinfection and cleaning of medical devices – formulated without alcohol!